Bojan Mihaljević

I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. My research is focused on graphical models, and in particular in Bayesian networks, as well as applied machine learning, especially in neuroscience. First author of nine papers in top journals, with an h-index of 9 and over 230 citations. Have given invited talks at conferences and workshops, been a program committee member for conferences (e.g., DSAA 2021) and done peer review for a number of journals (e.g., Journal of Machine Learning Research, Machine Learning).

Author of the bnclassify R package for learning Bayesian network classifiers. Strong programming skills in R and Java and, to lesser extent, in C++, python and bash. Strong software engineering skills.

Experience teaching artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistics courses at the undergraduate and master’s level, in both English and Spanish. Over 90 lecture hours taught in standalone workshops and courses, including at institutions such as the Real Academia de Ingenierı́a. Have been coordinating the Machine Learning and Advanced Statistics summer school since 2014.

A year’s experience working as data science consultant in real estate appraisal and five years’ experience as a Java developer in the industry.